Endi’s Weekend Reading List #3

Hi guys! It’s the weekend again and time for another edition of Endi’s Weekend Reading List. This post was supposed to have been published two weeks ago but adulting stuff got in the way.

Without further ado, here are some of the books that should form part of your reading list:

1. Born A Crime by Trevor Noah

Endi's Weekend Reading List #3

This book is on my wishlist and I’m going to read it before the month is up (as soon as I get the money to buy it. I wouldn’t mind a gift since it’s almost my birthday). Going by the reviews, it’s a compelling, hilarious and educative coming-of-age story of Trevor Noah, the Daily Show host.

Set during South Africa’s apartheid regime, Born A Crime is the story of a restless young man who struggles to find himself in a world where he was never supposed to exist.

2. One Tiny Lie by K.A Tucker

Endi's Weekend Reading List #3

Seeing as I haven’t read Ten Tiny Breaths, the first book, I was still able to keep up with the characters and their stories. This story was not particularly spectacular but it wasn’t bad either.

The book is about Livie Cleary’s stay at Princeton University, and how she was made to question her childhood dream of becoming a pediatrician. The characters she met at the University, her psychiatrist and her sister, all play a role in helping Livie shed her meek and virginal lifestyle.

3. Ruthless by Gilian Archer

Endi's Weekend Reading List #3

I have a thing for biker romance novels, I won’t even lie. I like that they live by a code and go all out to protect their “old ladies”.

In this book, Zag saves Jessica from a possible rape in a parking lot. To say thanks, she offers to buy him a drink and the relationship starts from there (So many eye-rolling scenes I must admit). They are complete opposites and aren’t each other’s types, but their contradictions make for a wonderful romance.

 4. My Most Precious One by Evangelene

Endi's Weekend Reading List #3

While reading this book, I had to keep checking the title and the author just to be sure it wasn’t one of the Fifty Shades books. The scenes were pretty much similar to Fifty Shades of Grey save for a few things. It was also frustrating to read. I felt like actually entering into the book and slapping some sense into Alexia, the heroine. All in all, it wasn’t a bad read.

Lukas is tall, dark, controlling, possessive, extremely handsome and stupendously rich (aren’t they all?). Alexia is independent, strong-willed, beautiful and a waitress at a bistro. As they are burning up the sheets, Alexia is caught between her desire for him and the desire to protect what she herself has created.

5. Dear Ijeawele, or A Feminist Manifesto in Fifteen Suggestions by Chimamanda Adichie

Endi's Weekend Reading List #3

I haven’t read this one as well but the reviews are fantastic. It is by my favourite Nigerian author, Chimamanda Adichie, and is all about empowering our girls to be strong, independent women.

It goes right to the heart of sexual politics in the twenty-first century and starts the urgently needed conversation about what it really means to be a woman today.

So, there you have it. If there are books that you are reading and wouldn’t mind sharing, let me know in the comment section. Also, please don’t forget to check out our Reading List #1 and #2.

What books are you currently reading?



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