Endi’s Weekend Reading List #5

Hey guys!! It’s been a while since I published any post under this series. To be fair, I haven’t really read any new books recently. I’ve just been binge reading Kristen Ashley’s novels especially the Rock Chic series. She’s my all time fave!

Anyway, I’m going to list some novels that I think should form part of your reading list. Some horror, some non-fiction, and of course, romance.

If you’ve missed the other posts, please click on the links below. I assure you, you will totally enjoy these books. Well, if for any reason you don’t like any of the books, let me know in the comment section. You can also recommend books you think should form part of the reading list.

So, without further ado, here are the books that I think you should read this weekend.

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1. The Last Place You Look by Kristen Lepionka

Endi's Weekend Reading List #5

When I opened goodreads to check out the latest books, this novel was the first to pop-up. I haven’t read anything by Kristen Lepionka. If you have, is she any good? Anyway, thriller is not my thing, but I have friends and colleagues who love these type of novels. This is one of those books.

The story is about a teenager who disappeared on the same night her parents were murdered in their home. Her black boyfriend was convicted of the murders and is on death row. Fifteen years later, with his execution only weeks away, his sister hires a PI to look at the case again so as to help establish her brother’s innocence.

This is a race against time and hopefully, a race to save lives, not just Brad’s own.

2. Murder Games by James Patterson

Endi's Weekend Reading List #5

I’ve read a couple of novels written by James Patterson. I can’t readily remember their names (it was a long time ago), but one thing I know for sure is that Patterson is a terrific writer. His books never disappoint and I know that this one will not.

Quoting Goodreads, “A serial killer is loose on the streets of Manhattan. His victims appear to be total strangers. The only clue that unites the crimes is the playing card left behind at each scene that hints at the next target. The killer, known in the tabloids as The Dealer, is baiting cops into a deadly and scandalous guessing game that has the city increasingly on edge. Elizabeth Needham, the gorgeous, tenacious cop in charge of the case turns to an unlikely ally–Dylan Reinhart, a handsome and brilliant professor whose book turned up in connection with the murders. As the tabloid frenzy over The Dealer reaches a fever pitch, Dylan and Elizabeth must connect the clues to discover what the victims have in common before The Dealer runs through his entire deck.

What else can I add? Yeah, read it!

3. The Silence of The Lambs by Thomas Harris 

Endi's Weekend Reading List #5

Who remembers this Jodie Foster horror classic? Hannibal Lecter!! This movie gave me nightmares, and I didn’t even finish it. Hubs and I once saw an ad that a rerun of the movie was going to be shown on a particular day. Being a horror movie addict, he was so excited. Unfortunately (lucky for me), he travelled.

If the movie is anything like the book, then you are in for a treat. It is about a serial killer, a trainee investigator, and the only man who can help is locked in an asylum.

4. Come Sundown by Nora Roberts

Endi's Reading List #5

Another favourite author, Nora Roberts. In my eyes, Nora (see how I called her like my best friend) can do no wrong!

Sandra’s synopsis of this book is the best, I just had to reproduce it:

Come Sundown is a powerful, compelling story showcasing the healing power of love and the amazing ability of the human soul and spirit to survive and recover from unimaginable, mind altering pain and sadistic evil.  It’s also the story of family doing what family does . . . loving unconditionally, making and cherishing memories, surviving loss and pain, building a future on hopes and dreams.  Nora Roberts is a master at writing about close-knit families bound by strong emotional ties whether related by blood, friendship, or romance, and we see that once again in this book.  Four generations of Bodine women, working together with the heart, gut, and grit of the pioneer women who first came west, lay the foundation for this story.  A strong, rich support cast including family, friends, and co-workers cements this epic saga of perseverance and triumph, with the added bonus of a friends to lovers romance (times 3).”

So, there you have it. The books that I think should form part of your reading list this weekend. Have you read any of these books? Do you have any recommendation? Let me know in the comments below.